The Leader of Oz


“A heartwarming and easy to use approach to the serious business of leadership. The 101 secrets provide practical ways to be a better manager and leader.”
- Ed Oakley, Co-author, Leadership Made Simple & Enlightened Leadership

Lighthearted, but not lightweight. An engaging self analytic journey built on research and experience - creating the opportunity for better performance as a leader and engaging the mission of the organization.
- Henry T. Radda, PhD, Vice President, School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix

“The Leader of OZ is a dynamic exploration of the challenges that businesses go through today. It is a must read for all leaders!”
- Jim Robins, President, TTI Performance Systems

“Simply marvelous! When is the last time you had a good leader or were one? This is a pretty good primer on what it takes.”
- Andy Kocson, Director of Human Resources, SC Design, Inc.

“Fun read! It is a sign of the authors’ maturity that they can touch with a such a light hand the ugly about the abuse and waste of human resources taking place in our organization.”
- Bill Daniels, CEO, American Consulting and Training, Inc.

“This book comprehensively and beautifully describes people-centered leadership. Hope present and future managers read this book and get the courage to practice leadership that includes genuine caring and concern for others."
- Marilyn L. Perry, Ph.D., Founder, Sacramento Psychological Services

From our Message Board:

This book is really great. I loved that it was a story with the leadership lessons embedded versus a typical leadership book that is a "how-to".
-- Rebekah

What an inspiring book and a new way to look at leadership.
-- Jason

The 101 secrets will enable you to emerge as a marvelous leader.

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